Singal phase & three Phase Control

LT power and control transformer up to 500 kva. With low loss and good regulation


Isolation and altra Isolation Transformer

Double wound Transformer with multiple shielding for reduction of capacitive coupling. Protects sensitive electronic equipments like computers, Medical equipments, CNC Machines and communication equipments against Transients spikes and galvanic leakage. High attenuation less than 100db in common mode up to 10 khz


Auto Transformer Starter

More Torque and acceleration. Best for high Capacity motors. Adjustment in starting torque, less stress on motor


Special Transformer

   1 Rectifier Duty Transformers

   2 High Voltage Transformers , high Current Transformers

   3 high Frequency Transformers

   4 Lighting Transformers

   5 UV Transformers


Dry type Transformer

Zero Maintenance

Fire Safe

Energy Efficient

Higher Reliability

Temperature rise of up to 130 °C in winding with class F Insulation



Totally Noise Free

Assembled multi parts to get optimum results

Single & Three Phase Configuration

Harmonic Filteration

Power Factor Improvement


Current Transformers

JAL CTS manufactured from CRGO anealed core and electrical grade copper wire. CTS designed to Cater relevent IS specifications and tested to requriment of the same. CTS are used in panels, energy meters and electrical powers circuits.


Application Of Transformer

   Most of the electronic Product

   A.C / D.C Drives. Inverters, UPS, Servo voltage, stabilizers, Auto Transformer Starter for starting Motors

   Harmonic Reactors, Rectifier Transformers, Machinery such as textiles Packaging etc…..

   Analytical and Biomedical Equipments

   CNC Machines, Digital Communication equipments Railway Application