Welcome to Jay Ambe Lamination

We are one of the leading manufactures and Suppliers of E & I, U & I, F and strip laminations. These are cut from CRNGO (cold rolled non grain oriented Steel), CRGO (Cold rolled grain oriented Steel) prime material from various grades as per customers requirements.


We ensure to cater best quality material with most competitive rates.


Strip Transformer Lamination

We manufacture high quality strips from CRGO & CRNGO prime material with low loss which is used in all types of transformers used in UPS, Rectifier, Stabilizer, Invertor and special Type transformers. Salient features of JAL Strips are low loss, cut to accurate dimensions with CNC machine, punch to different hole sizes as per requirement of customers and it is burr free and bend free to give optimum results. QA is at all stages.


E & I Transformer Lamination

We manufacture all standard types of E&I Laminations in various grades of prime material they are passed through rollers to make them burr and bend free which gives optimum results.


U & I Transformer Lamination

We manufacture range of U&I Laminations from various grades as per requirements of customers.


F Transformer Lamination

This is an economy range and covers all E&I types. This is available in CRNGO Material only.